2023 Spring lab gathering

Farewell to Kristen, she is leaving the lab and joining a company in RTP. Best wishes!

And welcome onboard, Dr. Na Yan and Dr. Yujia Jing!

2022 nanoDDS symposium at UNC

Good job, our poster presenters!

2022 Summertime Luncheon

Farewell to Arianna, who is leaving our lab and joining Duke for physician assistant program. Thank you and good luck!

And welcome to the group, Camelia!

2022 Farewell Luncheon for Dr. Xuan Mei and Dr. Uyen Dinh

Xuan is joining Brigham Women’s Hospital, Harvard University as a postdoctoral scientist. Uyen is joining a consulting firm in triangle area.

You will be missed so much!

2021 AAEV Mini-Symposium on “Extracellular Vesicles”

A launch year event of the American Association of Extracellular Vesicles (AAEV).

Our purpose is to promote the development, dissemination, integration, and utilization of knowledge in the field of extracellular vesicles (EV).


2021 Summertime Party

First in-person gathering from pandemic! Great to see a smile on everyone’s face without masks : )

Grills, laughter, and first lab photo in 2021!

2020 Farewell Party for visiting scientists

Best wishes to Xianyun, Guojun, Mengjie and Sichen! It has been a great pleasure having you all in the lab this year!

Two lovely cakes, BBQ, and new lab photo!

2020 Zhenhua’s last day in the lab

We will miss you so much, Zhenhua! Your footprint will be permanent in the lab.

And 2020 special lab photo with masks.

2019 Christmas Party

Say goodbye to 2019 with hotpot, drinks and singing! Happy holiday to everyone!

2019 American Heart Association meeting

Attending AHA for >10 years now… Still in love and thanks to the recognition by Circ Res.

2019 New lab members having lunch with visitors and mentors

2019 Dr. Cheng’s distinguished professorship ceremony.  Thanks to the team’s hard work. This is for “us”!

2019 BPC Halloween Costume Show. And Cheng Lab in Chinese Zodiac!

2019 Wei’s last day in the lab. Best Wishes to her!

2019 summer group photo

2019 Summer cookout for farewell to Teng & Kevin

BBQ and lots of drinks and laughter.


2019 Celebrate Kevin’s successful defense of thesis!

2018 Feiran’s last day in the lab. We will miss you!

2018 Chinese New Year and V Day Celebration

2017 Group Photo

2016 Group Photo

Junnan’s last day in the lab

2015 Group Photo

2014 Group Photo

2013 Group Photo

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