Congrats! Jhon’s paper is published in Stem Cell Translational Medicine with a beautiful cover image! Our new paper highlights the potential for clinical translation of our novel lung spheroid cell (LSC) therapy for treatment of pulmonary fibrosis in a pre-IND study demonstrating their safety and efficacy. Congrats to Jhon!

Congrats to Kevin! Our new paper in Science Translational Medicine on “Off-the-Shelf” acellular patch for cardiac repair is now available online! With a fantastic cover image. Patches embedded with microparticles encapsulating cell-secreted factors improve cardiac repair after acute myocardial infarction in rodents and pigs.

Congrats! Zhenhua’s work on platelet microparticles for cardiac repair is published on February Issue of Science Advances with a fantastic cover image. We found that the platelet microparticles could successfully bind to injured animal heart tissue, protecting heart muscle cells from cell death and inducing cardiac tissue repair.

Congrats! Kevin’s Advanced Therapeutics paper is on October issue with a beautiful cover image. The image representing article 1900009 by Ke Cheng and co‐workers shows bispecific antibodies (the magpies birds) functioning as regenerative “matchmakers” to bring the Cowhand (endogenous stem cells) to the Weaver Maid (the injured heart).